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Why Should I Consider Selling My Note?

In a climate where credit is tight and lenders are all gun-shy, this can be one of the easiest and quickest ways to get cash.  It costs you nothing on the front end and can be closed in as little as 2 weeks.  Thousands of note holders look to sell their notes to gain access to a large sum of money rather than wait for the smaller monthly payments to arrive each month.  You may tell yourself, I like the monthly payments and having a regular income gives me piece of mind not to mention a deferred tax benefit.  A large lump some of CASH would be nice but why would I want to Sell My Note?  What benefit would it be to me?

There are several reasons to consider why it would beneficial to sell your note.

  • Access to cash to put in a better investment or business
  • Eliminate the worry and stress of collecting monthly payments
  • Pay off bills or high interest credit cards
  • Go on the vacation
  • Pay for your children’s education
  • Having a large sum of CASH Now as opposed to smaller monthly payments

There are also several reasons you need to consider should you decide to keep your Note.

  • Continued Late Payments
  • Short Payments
  • Missed Payments
  • Default on the Note
  • Property Damage
  • Inflation
  • Property Damage
  • Reporting

These are just a few of the reasons why you would want to consider the sale of your real estate note, there are many others.

Here is the story of a note holder down in South Texas, around Falfurrias that faced an incredible circumstances.  The note owner created an owner financed note in a real estate transaction where he sold his note to his cousin, a family member.  Uh Oh!  At closing everybody was a happy family, the grand parent, parents, wives etc.  They were all excited that the sale of his home was kept in the family.  This is where Murphy’s Law set in, everything that can go wrong will go wrong.  After six months of living in the home, the cousin, who is the payor,  started to be late on his mortgage payments, then the cousin started to make only partial payments to where finally the note holder was lucky to receive a payment at all.  It was not that the cousin did not have the money to make the payments, he was just irresponsible and figured that because he was family he wouldn’t mind.  That is where it really started to snowball.  The note holder began to insist on payment or face foreclosure.  Other members of the family got involved saying the note holder was unreasonable to make the cousin him pay him or put him in foreclosure.  The note holder was made to look like the bad guy.  The wives of the note holder and the cousin who had grown up together and were best of friends were no longer speaking to each other because of non payment, the story just continued to get out of control.    Then the payor damaged the home, put holes in the wall, broke all the windows, put an out door water sprinkler in the middle of the living room and left it running for three days.  Just incredible.  Now I will tell you that this is an extreme circumstance where the climate really went bad, that is rarely the case but it can happen.  If you are a note holder to need to be aware and evaluate the risks.

If you want to learn how you can sell your note, here is an article to do just that.

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