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AUSTIN, TX  July 19, 2010:  Having established themselves in the Central Texas area as a respected note buyer and owner financing consultant, Texas Note Company, LLC, is proud to announce their expansion into loan servicing.  Founding Director of Texas Note Company Robert E Young notes that “we are providing comprehensive loan servicing to our customers, which will allow them to reduce overhead and concentrate on their business at hand.  A significant benefit of using The Texas Note Company for individuals, investors and companies is to increase the confidence and trust that comes with knowing an independent third party is handling their money.  We act as an independent loan department providing analysis, reporting and customer service to borrowers.”   Young mentioned that once the company announced their move into loan servicing, “lenders, realtors and title agencies started coming out of the woodwork” to get on board.

The Texas Note Company is using the latest  in mortgage automation software to keep track of all relevant information for every loan.  Borrowers have the ability to use the company’s auto-draft process to eliminate the need for monthly check writing.  Through automation, borrowers and lenders are notified of payment processing and note details via email, with reports submitted to credit agencies every other quarter.

Robert E Young’s fifteen years in Dell Finance and Citibank’s loan data mining operations have served him well at Texas Note Company, especially when it comes to loan servicing.  Robert is a process-oriented thinker who tends to look at the big picture of any operation; this mindset helps him greatly when it comes to keeping track of important markers, processes and data analytics in Texas Note Company’s data analytics.

The company is currently focusing on business in Texas but intends to expand into other states as licensing and state laws are explored.  Each loan servicing function can be fully customized for each loan; the company will also notify the lender of delinquencies on a note and can perform collection duties as needed.

Through a combination of exceptional customer service, detail-oriented business practices and an old-fashioned common sense business approach,  Texas Note Company LLC hopes to move forward and provide customers and investors with peace of mind when it comes to their loan servicing.

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