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The Real Estate Market We Face Today

Today’s markets are anything but stable.  On July 21, of this year the Dow Jones Industrial closed at 12,724.  Today Sept 9, the market closed at 10,992 after a fall of 300 points today.  Due to the volatility we are finding in the in the markets there are a number of people that are looking to put their money to work in more ways than one.  Sure you can take your chances and invest in the stock market like every other person out there or just buy an annuity that will give you a steady stream of income, which can be a complicated purchase.   Or you can invest in the real estate market that is just filled with more properties than anyone has ever seen. Because of the persistent presence of bank foreclosures, the real estate market has many amazing deals.   This type of investment is not for the faint of heart, since your money may be tied up for months to years.   There are a several ways you can invest in realMarket Volatility estate that will make you money.  The most recognizable way that people have made money was buying homes to flip in the short term.   The other option is to hold them as rental properties for a few years while it is rented out for a steady stream of income.  If you are looking into flipping homes you need to have expert knowledge of the area to make sure you are buying it at a price that will make you money.  You also must consider the money needed to update the home so that it will sell quickly.  As a general rule the nicer the home looks compared to others on the market the faster it will sell.   The goal in these types of investments is to buy and sell as many houses as you can. You need to find the right people who will help you achieve this goal such as local contractors and Realtors. They will be the key to helping you find the property, fixing it at the best price and then putting it back on the market.

Another option available to real estate investors is to purchase a real estate note that will produce a steady cash flow and a healthy annualized return on your investment.  There are no upgrades that need to be done, no plumbing repairs that are your responsibility to fix and no constant upkeep that needs to take place.  Purchasing a real estate note you enable yourself to invest your money and get a sizable annual return compared to the stock market and other strategies.

The simplicity of buying and creating seller financed notes is what I like most about this money making strategy.  You don’t need to sift through 200 pages of legal garble-gook like you do with an annuity.  You don’t have to rely on financial brokers to try to predict Volatilityfuture performance of companies in which no one has any control.  Instead, all you have to do to figure out how to make your money work is understand how a financial calculator works and incorporate a note professional, The Texas Note Company, and do a little bit of due diligence.  Your fallback is the asset of the underlying lien if the cash flow strategy does not go as planned you have the asset.  Although not desirable for most cash flow investors you can foreclose on the property and get you investment back.

Now is the PERFECT time to invest in real estate.  As long as banks continue to restrict traditional financing and the continued volatility in the markets that is a lot of money to be made and great deal to be found in real estate.

Robert E Young is the Founding Director of The Texas Note Company. He is a Real Estate Investor who puts real estate transactions together using proven seller financing strategies and techniques.  He purchases and brokers private real estate notes often enabling home sellers the ability to move on to the next transaction with the cash needed. Robert enjoys teaching and educating real estate minded people the advantages of Owner Financing and what it can bring to a real estate transaction while dispelling it’s myths.  When traditional financing methods fail to provide the benefits buyers and sellers are looking for, often it is seller financing to provide a solution.

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