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If you are currently holding a real estate note and want immediate cash, Texas Note Co. is your source for a quick and easy turnaround that will leave you breathing easy. Sell your mortgage note with Texas Note Company.

Leading the Pack

One of the leading mortgage note buyers in Austin and the state of Texas, Texas Note Co. can give you a quick, confidential quote with your answers to just a few quick questions. Our professional staff members have been managing these types of transactions for years, collecting a significant amount of knowledge and industry know-how along the way – and now we can put it all to work for you.

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Top Dollar When You Need It

People choose to sell real estate notes for all kinds of reasons: preparing for retirement, tax purposes, covering unexpected medical expenses, paying for college tuition, or just seeking financial peace of mind. Whatever your reason for selling your note, we put the cash in your pocket when you really need it.

Your Secure Source for Any Transaction Type

Whether you’re selling a land contract, mortgage, deed of trust or other source of payment, Our dedicated staff will make sure you get top dollar for your real estate note. We are committed to the satisfaction of every client, we offer specialized loan servicing, and can facilitate the purchase of essentially any type of secured real estate transaction – in a safe, efficient and stress-free way.

Make the Call and Get the Cash

Free yourself from financial stress and call us today for a safe and speedy solution. We’re experienced, friendly and just a phone call away!

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