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Memorial Day Message

Memorial DayLike most people I take time out each Memorial Day to think about and silently thank  those soldiers that gave the ultimate sacrifice defending our great nation.  I also like to thank those soldiers that served and protected this great nation that are still with us.

Both my grandfathers served in WW I, and my father served in WW II.   My father was in the Navy  and served on a mine sweeper  off the coast of Italy.  As a young boy he would tell my brother and me many stories about his experiences.  One such story was how my father always had an interest in the stars, he would tell us that he gained that interest while in the Navy. During those days most of their navigation was done using the stars.  There was one other person on his ship who new how to read the stars, as the 2nd Lieutenant he figured that he better learn to read them in case something happen to the navigator.

This weekend there was a great article in Parade magazine, The Last Dough Boy.  Frank Buckles at 109 years of age is the last surviving veteran of WW I. WOW that is incredible to think about.  He was 16 when he went off to war.

What was it that was so important that my grandfathers, my father and people like Frank Buckles would go off to war and put themselves in harms way?  My belief is that they were defending one thing and one thing only, FREEDOM. Freedom for us to live our lives as Americans.

Freedom is the real reason that so many Americans have fought and are still fighting to defend our great nation.


Over a million people DIED so that we could enjoy freedom.

So to honor our fallen soldiers, I want to hear from you.

Please leave me a comment explaining what FREEDOM means to you.

Robert E Young


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