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HR 4173 – Another Round of Threats Aimed at Owner Financing and the Note Business

The Note Queen has a good article concerning the threat against Owner Financing. We need your help by contacting your Congressman to defend your rights as a property owner.

Contact a senator from your state, or a state where you do business.  Contact a representative if you have property or do business in their district.

The government both local in Texas and the Federal Government and implementing laws that will change the Real Estate Investing is done.

Dear Friend and Colleague:

With HR 4173 moving forward in conference, we need to contact the Representatives and Senators listed below, as they are Conferees and will have final decision as to the inclusion of Section 1073 and 1074.  Please review the draft letter (ready to be cut and pasted to your letterhead) and the attached fact sheet.  Both items should be e-mailed or faxed to your Congressman.  (Sending to Congressmen outside your area will have little to no impact.)  The 5th paragraph has a bolded sentence where you MUST personalize or remove the sentence.

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