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Loan Servicing Set-Up

Getting Set Up for Loan Servicing with The Texas Note Company

There are several items of data that we need in order to complete the set up for loan serving at The Texas Note Company.    You can either complete the forms online, which you will find links below, or you can print out the pdf versions of the forms and send the completed forms back to TNC by either fax or email.  The pdf versions can be found at the bottom of the page.


Optional ESCROW/IMPOUNDS service: When the borrower’s monthly payment includes amounts for the payment of Property Taxes and/or Hazard Insurance, TNC will collect and hold those proceeds in an escrow account and disburse the scheduled payments to the respective authority as scheduled

  • Copy of Tax Assessment Bill if TNC is Escrowing Taxes
  • Copy of Insurance Statement if TNC is Escrowing/paying Insurance


Wrap Loans service:When the loan set up requires payment of 1st position liens TNC will receive the payment from the borrower on the loan in the last position and pay the 1st position notes after the funds have cleared

  • Copy of the 1st Position Mortgage Statements

Online Forms

Buyers (Borrower) –  Borrower Set-Up Form

Seller (Lender) – Lender Set-Up Form

PDF Versions of the Forms – Print, Complete & Fax

  1. TNC Loan Servicing Checklist.pdf
  2. TNC Buyer Loan Servicing Set-Up.pdf
  3. TNC Seller Loan Servicing Set-Up.pdf
  4. TNC Seller Loan Servicing Agreement.pdf
  5. Frost Bank New Account Set Up.pdf

oCompleted Borrower (Buyer) Loan Servicing Set-Up form

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