Comprehensive Mortgage Loan Servicing Company

Loan Service – At Texas Note Company, LLC, we now offer end-to-end, comprehensive loan servicing options to help manage your real estate note portfolio.  What is Loan Servicing? Take a look at the  Wikipedia Loan Servicing Definition. We know that you’ve got your hands full already with the demands of day-to-day life; not only do you not have time to handle the loan servicing details, but you may not know your way around it very well.  Our customized loan servicing can be set up as an extension of your regular business operations, maximizing revenue, optimizing management’s role and generaLoan Servicing Set Uplly providing peace of mind.  We offer loan servicing to:

  • Individuals
  • Companies
  • Investors

All with exceptional customer service, and an independent loan department to cover all loan service functions for lenders and borrowers as well.

Mortgage Loan Service Center

Through automation, borrowers and lenders are kept apprised of all payment processing and note information, with in-depth reports and analysis available. At TNC, we use the latest in mortgage automation software to track all relevant note information, such as:

  • Posting and tracking escrow payments
  • Tracking and calculating partial payments
  • Posting regular note payments to the ledger
  • Late notices and delinquency reports
  • Reports and posting for insurance and tax disbursements
  • Generating and printing Federal Form 1098 and interest statements
  • Miscellaneous charges and fees reports

We can also set up an automatic draft for borrowers to bypass the need for writing and mailing a monthly check.

You can think of TNC as your own professional back office…a low-cost department that gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your money is being managed properly and lets you concentrate on your core business

Real Estate Note BrokerWe’ve made a priority of establishing and sustaining relationships with local and national investors who purchase real estate notes.  We can help you sell your real estate notes. That’s how we’re able to continue offering top dollar to our customers.  If you’re holding a note from sold property, this is the time to sell mortgage notes.  Whatever your pressing needs – opening a new business, paying down debt, financing a college education – TNC will make sure you get the best cash buyout for your real estate note.

Owner Financing Consulting – We’ve got plenty of experience and expertise at setting up owner finance transactions to sell property. Using a variety of different strategies Texas Note Company has successfully assisted customers implement owner financing that get them the results they wanted. Defer taxes, create a real estate note that not only protects the seller but leave your options open.Sell Your Note Austin

The benefit of working with us is that you can put your full trust and confidence into knowing that your loan assets are being managed by an independent, professional third party.