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The Texas Note Company is in the business of purchasing real estate notes!  We are hungry to buy your note and we have 10 years of experience in buying notes.  One of the many strategies used to sell real estate is to use Owner Financing to structure the transaction then sell your note to get the cash out.


Seller Financing is the oldest form of lending there is.  Seller Financing, also referred to as “Owner Will Carry” or “Owner Financing,”  has been around long before banks or mortgage companies ever existed. It is also the method of lending that sellers and buyers know the least about.


Many property sellers stay away from Owner Financing because they mistakenly believe that creating a note is not a viable solution for selling their home. After all, if they can’t walk away with enough cash to provide the down payment on another property, they’ll be powerless to replace the property they’re selling.  As a consequence of this common misunderstanding, many sellers feel compelled to stick with conventional real estate methods, limiting their options and missing out on the benefits that Seller Financing could offer them.


Using Owner Finance techniques to sell a property is no more difficult than a traditional real estate closing., it’s actually easier and takes less time to close. Following a logical and proven plan is the best method for ensuring a successful real estate sale with seller financing.


With Owner Financing, where there are no bank fees and points to pay, the buyer provides the seller with a down payment and then monthly payments according to the terms of the contract.  The buyer will make payments to the seller according to terms agreed upon in the promissory note which is secured by the Deed of Trust against the seller’s property.


Due to the flexibility Owner Financing provides, The Texas Note Company can help structure a strategy to meet the needs of both seller and buyer.  We can “tailor” a program to solve any problem. The buyer will get the property, the seller will get the cash, and the realtor will earn a commission that would have otherwise would have been a lost sale. The Texas Note Company can facilitate the sale of an owner financed private notes and other cash flow instruments.  We have access to investment capital and deal structuring techniques not ordinarily obtainable through traditional funding sources.


If you own a real estate note and interested in selling your note for a lump sum of CASH, The Texas Note Company can help.  The best way for us to get you an offer and begin the process in purchasing your note is to get a copy the following documents:


• Property Address

• Deed of Trust

• Settlement statement of the real estate transaction

• Note Document

• Payor’s credit status

• Note Status – Current or not

What makes us unique is, after the note has been created, The Texas Note Company can facilitate the sale of seller financed private notes and other cash flow instruments. We have access to investment capital and deal structuring techniques not ordinarily obtainable through traditional funding sources.  Find out what your note is worth and give The Texas Note Company a call.  We will give you a FREE No Obligation quote on your note.  Discover how simple and easy it is to SELL your note for CASH NOW.

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  1. If you could provide a template for an Owner Financed sale, that would be helpful and encouraging.

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