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Texas Owner Finance and the SAFE Act

The folks over at Forte Properties really know how to set up Owner Finance transactions the right way.  Often there is a wrap involved and several different steps you need to consider when setting up the transaction.  Forte properties has it down. They have written a good…

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Sell Note – Bank Notes

Many brokers in the note business often find spreadsheets or tapes of a portfolio of bank notes that are either non-performing and don’t have a lot of value or  the bank notes have very little equity.  These type of notes often have very little chance of getting…

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Sell Note – The Gold in the Paper

In the Business of Owner Financing and selling notes the Gold  in paper is often overlooked or not given the proper attention that it deserves.    What might you ask is the Gold in the paper?  The answer is the Original Promissory Note, sometimes referred to as the…

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Owner Financing Scam That Wipes Out Your Seller Carry Note

Owner Financing is rapidly spreading across the country as an alternative to sell property in the current economy where banks and mortgage lenders are gun shy in their lending practices. The Note Queen has written a very good article,Owner Financing Scam That Wipes Out Your Seller Carry…

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Some Note Deals Are Easy

The first time I was introduced to the mortgage note business I was told how easy it was to sell your note.  Shortly there after I soon discovered that it was easier said than done.  In the note business you need to understand the ins and out…

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Mortgage Note For Sale: A Case Study for Increasing Your Success

Owner Financing is the oldest form of lending that there is.  It existed before banks and traditional mortgage lenders began the practice of lending.  It is for this reason that it is the form of lending that is known least about.  I have written about the importance…

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AUSTIN, TX  July 19, 2010:  Having established themselves in the Central Texas area as a respected note buyer and owner financing consultant, Texas Note Company, LLC, is proud to announce their expansion into loan servicing.  Founding Director of Texas Note Company Robert E Young notes that “we…

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Mortgage Note for Sale – Home Sellers Turning To Seller Financing

It is widely understood that that the housing market is in a recession and the need for cash is great. Individuals, Small Businesses and corporations can’t get loans. There is pressure on prices in the housing market and traditional financing methods aren’t helping the situation. So what…

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HR 4173 – Another Round of Threats Aimed at Owner Financing and the Note Business

The Note Queen has a good article concerning the threat against Owner Financing. We need your help by contacting your Congressman to defend your rights as a property owner. Contact a senator from your state, or a state where you do business.  Contact a representative if you…

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Notes For Sale – Payor Co-Operation

The Texas Note Company closed two note deals this week and lost a third.  Why you might ask did we lose the third?  Well before I give you the answer let me tell you the details of the note.  A note holder approached The Texas Note Company…

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